Crop Nutrition.

Sustainability is Key

Soil degradation, agricultural runoff, and declines in nutrient density are the greatest threats to humanity’s ability to feed itself.  

With this in mind, many farmers are switching to regenerative farming and other sustainable solutions — but they need technology that can help them achieve their goals.

Grow Smarter

A new generation of breakthrough agricultural technologies is needed to help farmers increase profitability and operate more sustainably.

That’s where Lucent BioSciences comes in.

Lucent BioSciences was created to help revolutionize agriculture and assist farmers in adopting sustainable practices that also boost the bottom line.  

Lucent BioSciences Is Revolutionizing Agriculture.

Current micronutrient fertilizers like chelates, oxides, and oxy-sulphates are expensive, can pollute soil and groundwater, and are typically ineffective in alkaline soil.

Lucent BioSciences is an Agtech company whose proprietary technology creates climate-positive and non-polluting fertilizers that actually regenerate the land.

Working With Nature to Help Nature

We’re on a mission to accelerate sustainable agriculture by delivering crop nutrition that improves yield and soil health while sequestering carbon.

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