Sustainable Solutions
for Agriculture


Lucent BioSciences’ mission is to develop sustainable solutions to address climate impact on global food security and nutrition. Our first product is Soileos: a novel sustainable smart micronutrient fertilizer that increases yield and crop quality and improves soil health.

Soileos is:

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Climate Positive

Soileos increases soil carbon and helps mitigate climate change impacts by contributing to improved soil health and productive agricultural ecosystems


Soileos is a natural product made from plant residue (such as upcycled food processing cellulose-rich by-products like wheat bran, pea, and lentil hulls).  

Non-Leaching and Non-Polluting

Using state-of-the-art, patented cellulose-based technology, Soileos does not tie-up in the soil or leach into the environment, and is free of synthetic chemicals such as EDTA.

Part of the Circular Economy

By upcycling low value food processing by-products into natural, carbon-positive fertilizer, Soileos contributes to the circular economy: crop-residues become fertilizer that creates the next harvest.   

A Nutrient Density Booster

Soileos provides crops with bioavailable nutrients, resulting in higher uptake of essential nutrients such as zinc and iron. Improved nutrient uptake means more vigorous crops that are more nutritious and taste better.

Regenerates Soil

Soileos returns carbon to the soil and acts as an energy source for the naturally occurring beneficial soil microorganisms. Soileos increases microbial activity thereby enhancing nutrient cycling and improving soil health over the long term.

Alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Lucent’s technology addresses four important UN Sustainable Development goals: 

Zero Hunger, Responsible Consumption & Production, Climate Action, and Life on Land.

Sustainable Development Goal #2: Zero Hunger
Sustainable Development Goal #12 Responsible Consumption and Production
Sustainable Development Goal #13: Climate Action
Sustainable Development Goal #15: Life on Land

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