The Fertilizer
of the Future

Lucent Biosciences Creates Innovative Agriculture Solutions

Lucent Biosciences has developed a new kind of “smart” fertilizer that is revolutionizing the agricultural industry.

We use state-of-the-art cellulose technology as a chelate, instead of synthetic molecules like EDTA. Over time, the cellulose decomposes naturally and becomes a source of carbon in the soil. 

Our solutions also provide crops with nutrients in their most bioavailable state, resulting in crops with higher nutrient density in their tissues, which can directly address micronutrient deficiencies in humans.

In contrast, current solutions like chelates don’t fortify the soil, don’t decompose, and can ultimately end up transporting heavy metals into groundwater.

Developed by an international team of scientists, our core innovation is a process that binds bioavailable nutrients (such as iron, manganese, copper, and boron) to cellulose.

This bond is strong enough so that the nutrients do not leach, while weak enough for plant roots to successfully absorb nutrients. This allows the plant roots to take up nutrients “on-demand” throughout their growth cycle. This is unlike current synthetic fertilizers, which simply releases a stream of nutrients for a limited time, regardless of whether the plant actually requires them or not. 

The end result of our technology is a novel delivery mechanism that offers a higher uptake of nutrients in plant tissue, resulting in healthier and more nutrient-dense crops.

The Benefits of Our Solutions

Higher Crop Yield

Thanks to improved nutrient delivery and uptake, crop yields can increase by 20%

Better Crop Quality

Increased micronutrient uptake results in better taste and nutritional value

Healthier Soil

Soileos delivers nutrients on-demand and acts as a long-term source of soil carbon

Easy Application

Farmers can use existing equipment and Soileos creates no dust, smell, or phytotoxicity

Environmentally Friendly

Soileos is carbon neutral and EDTA-free, and does not create run-off pollution

Works In Alkaline Soil

Soileos offers high performance in soils up to pH 10.

The Proof Is in Our Plants

We’ve worked with leading research institutions like Integrated Crop Management Services (ICMS), AgQuest, Expert Agriculture, Floramaxx, and the University of British Columbia (UBC) to test our solutions extensively. These tests consisted of 26 trials on 936 plots growing 136,425 plants. 

Crops included barley, birch trees, blueberries, broccoli, canola, corn, cucumber, flowers, grapes, lentils, lettuce, peas, tomatoes, and wheat.

The trials illustrated a consistent improvement in growth and yield. Some of the findings can be seen below.   

Plant Quality

Lucent Biosciences solutions provide comparable leaf color and health to the ‘hydroponic optimum’ and is superior to commercial slow-release fertilizer.