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of the Future

Innovative Agriculture Solutions

Lucent BioSciences has solved the micronutrient delivery problem.

Current micronutrient fertilizers cannot deliver the right amount of nutrients when the plant needs them. 

Lucent BioSciences has developed a new ‘smart’ micronutrient fertilizer, Soileos. Soileos micronutrients are bioavailable, cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly than mineral salts or liquid chelated products.

The team at Lucent BioSciences has developed a novel method to bind essential plant micronutrients metals like zinc, iron, and manganese to bio-based substrates like cellulose. This green chemistry imparts a new mode of action, stimulating the soil microbiome, that activates the release and transport of bioavailable micronutrients. Soileos has a low salt index, helps build soil health/carbon, and improves sustainable yields with healthier crops. 

Our solutions provide crops with bioavailable nutrients, resulting in greater uptake and crops with higher nutrient density. Increasing nutrient density of food crops is an important step in tackling human nutrient deficiencies.

In contrast, current solutions like chelates oxides and oxy-sulphates don’t fortify the soil, don’t decompose, and can ultimately end up transporting heavy metals into groundwater.

Increased nutrient bioavailability: Soileos vs Chelate

Developed by an international team of scientists, our core innovation is a process that binds bioavailable nutrients (such as iron, manganese, copper, and boron) to cellulose.

This bond is strong enough so that the nutrients do not leach, while weak enough for plant roots to successfully absorb nutrients. Soileos stays in the rootzone allowing the plant to take up nutrients throughout their growth cycle. This is unlike current synthetic fertilizers, which simply releases a stream of nutrients for a limited time, regardless of whether the plant actually requires them or not. 

The end result of our technology is a novel delivery mechanism that allows greater nutrient uptake by the plant, resulting in healthier and more nutrient-dense crops.

The Benefits of Our Solutions

Higher Crop Yield

Thanks to improved nutrient delivery and uptake you can achieve higher yields at the same costs as current micronutrient fertilizers.

Better Crop Quality

Increased micronutrient uptake results in better taste and nutritional value.

Healthier Soil

Acting as a carbon source, Soileos improves soil structure and feeds the natural soil microbes thereby increasing soil productivity.

Easy Application

Farmers can use existing equipment and Soileos creates no dust, smell, or phytotoxicity.

Environmentally Friendly

Soileos is a plant based product, carbon neutral, EDTA-free, and does not leach from the soil. 

Works In Alkaline Soil

Studies have shown that Soileos is effective in Alkaline soils. 

The Proof Is in Our Plants

We’ve worked to extensively test our products in over 50 small plot trials utilizing independent research organizations and universities as well as with 40 farms on over 1,000 acres of land with cereal crops, oilseeds, berries, vegetables and special crops.

Our trials in 2019 and 2020 demonstrate a consistent improvement in growth and yield. in 2021, Lucent BioSciences partnered with IN10T to confirm the performance of Soileos in large scale farm demonstration trials on canola, corn, lentil, soybean, and wheat crops on 1,000 acres across Canada and the United States. For these trials, in-season qualitative assessments were completed by Professional Agronomists to compare Soileos fertilized strips to untreated check strips. 

Our trials demonstrate a consistent improvement in growth and yield. Some of the findings can be seen below.   

Plant Quality

Soileos trial results: Increased quality and yield from micronutrient fertilizer

Five randomly selected corn ears from Soileos Zinc (right) appear larger with better grain fill as compared to the untreated check (left) after a severe (D2) drought. August 6, 2021 – Stacyville, Iowa.